Download Procedure

  1. Go to the Registration Form to obtain an access code that will be sent to the email address that you write in the form. The access code will be usable one single time.

    ATTENTION, PLEASE! Each request is examined to verify the reliability of the information given. A certain amount of time may pass between the moment the request is sent and the moment you receive the code.
  2. After you receive an access code go to the Download Form and insert the code to download software.


It's NOT POSSIBLE to upgrade automatically from Oratio 2.0 to Oratio 3.0

Oratio 3.0 has many addictional functionality but the data structure is very different beetwen Oratio 2.0 and Oratio 3.0

Also version Candidate 3.0, released for few time on February 2007 , can't be upgrade to current version