Oratio®: an ERP Web Open Source

In 2001 Proxima Centauri, an Italian company of Turin, began the development of a Sql-Ledger accounting program fork, released in GPL license. 3 years later, was born Oratio®.
Since 2015 the development of Oratio has been carried out by Oratio.org s.r.l.


  • Administration Panel:
    Pay attention to your company security! Oratio® allows you to set up, in a detailed way, every user's rights of access.
  • Distribution Area:
    Gain time! Elaborate on line offers, directly from customer, thanks to Oratio® web technology and take advantage of the e-business chances.
  • Production and Logistics Area:
    Please customers! With Oratio®, you may elaborate precise bill-books, and plan your production thanks to the MRP2 motor (enterprise resources planning).
  • Accounting and Costs Analysis:
    Best use of your accountant! Thanks to a powerful automatism, Oratio® offers you the chance of quickly and intuitively managing your book keeping documents, and best managing of your adviser's competences.

Technical Aspects

  • Web Interface:
    Since Oratio® is developed in Perl language, it is available on the internet. This leads to a high flexibility in using it. In addition, the Perl language power allows you to obtain on internet everything you need for an ERP system.
  • Database reliability: Powered by Postgres
    Developed for DBMS Postgres and Oracle®, Oratio® leans on solid databases.
  • High level Personalization:
    Adapt our product on your company! The Open Source features and the architecture guarantee to Oratio® a flexibility you are searching for to integrate it perfectly in your ambient.